Trees provide many environmental, economic and aesthetic benefits to the public. The health of the trees in the City of Lakeville is threatened by shade tree pests of an epidemic nature. The loss or poor health of trees growing upon public and private property substantially depreciates the value of property within the City and impairs the safety, good order, general welfare and convenience of the public. The Council intends to address pests of an epidemic nature, defined as having a widespread occurrence directly associated with a high mortality of a tree species. In addition to and in accordance with Minnesota Statutes sections 89.001, 89.01, and 89.51 - .64, the provisions of this section are adopted as an effort to prevent, control and/or slow the spread of these serious shade tree pests in an orderly and systematic approach in order to reduce the loss of tree benefits to the community. (Ord. 1004, 11-19-2018)