A.   Mixed Municipal Solid Waste Containers: Every household and commercial/industrial establishment having mixed Municipal solid waste to dispose of, shall provide themselves with one or more metal or plastic cans sufficient to receive all mixed Municipal solid waste which may accumulate between the times of collection. Each can in use in a single-family detached dwelling shall have a capacity not to exceed one hundred (100) gallons and shall be provided with a bail or handles and a tightly fitting cover. All mixed Municipal solid waste accumulating between times of collection shall be placed in cans after having first been drained of surplus water and wrapped in paper in a manner sufficient to prevent leakage before it is placed in cans.
   B.   Recyclable Material Containers: All recyclable material containers provided by the City to the resident shall be owned by the City and shall remain with the premises at such time as the resident moves or vacates the premises. Recyclable material containers shall be used only for the storage of targeted recyclable material and shall not be used for any other purpose. (Ord. 493, sec. 1, 3-15-1993)
   C.   Location Of Containers:
      1.   Containers for mixed Municipal solid waste and recyclable materials shall be kept as required by section 11-18-11 of this Code.
      2.   Containers shall be accessible at times of collection and shall be placed near the street, but not within the traveled portion of the roadway, at designated collection times for a period not longer than twenty four (24) hours.
   D.   Burning: Mixed Municipal solid waste containers shall not be used for incinerators. No mixed Municipal solid waste shall at any time be burned in any bonfire or other fire, whether in a container or in the open. (Ord. 996, 5-7-2018)