A.   Collection By Licensed Collector: Except as provided in section 3-8-2 of this Code, any person who permits mixed Municipal solid waste or recyclable materials to be picked up from their premises by an unlicensed collector shall be guilty of a violation of this chapter.
   B.   Disposal Of Waste In Public Areas: Disposing of mixed Municipal solid waste, yard waste and recyclable material on any streets, alleys, drives, parks, playgrounds, or other public places or on any vacant lots privately owned shall constitute a violation of this chapter whether such material is discarded by the individual upon whose premises the mixed Municipal solid waste or recyclable material originates or whether it is discarded by some other person or collector, licensed or unlicensed.
   C.   Yard Waste Disposal: It shall be unlawful for any person to dispose of yard waste in mixed Municipal solid waste, in a disposal facility or in a resource recovery facility except for the purposes of composting or co-composting.
   D.   Prohibited Disposal: No person shall place or cause to be placed any mixed Municipal solid waste, construction debris, yard waste, or anything they intend to dispose of or abandon within or next to a garbage can or dumpster or anywhere else unless they own or lease the receptacle or have the permission of the property owner or tenant. (Ord. 493, sec. 1, 3-15-1993)