A.   Mobile food units in the C-CBD District shall be allowed on private or public parking lots with the written consent of the property owner, and on Upper 208th Street and 209th Street between Holyoke and Howland Avenues provided the service window is facing the sidewalk and provided the food truck is located at least thirty feet (30') from any street intersection.
   B.   Mobile foods units shall operate only on Wednesdays through Sundays, and Federal government holidays, between the hours of seven o'clock (7:00) A.M. and ten o'clock (10:00) P.M.
   C.   Mobile food units shall not interfere with vehicle and pedestrian circulation or emergency vehicle access.
   D.   There shall be adequate parking on the lot or public street to provide space for the mobile food unit as well as satisfy all parking requirements for the property.
   E.   Mobile food units shall not have a drive-through.
   F.   Signage shall comply with title 11, chapter 23 of this Code.
   G.   Mobile food units shall not use any outside sound amplifying equipment, televisions or similar visual entertainment devices, lights, or noisemakers such as bells, horns or whistles.
   H.   All waste, garbage, litter and refuse shall be contained in leak proof, nonabsorbent containers which shall be kept covered with tight-fitting lids and properly disposed of. No waste, garbage, litter or refuse shall be dumped or drained onto sidewalks, streets, gutters, storm drains, or public trash receptacles.
   I.   Mobile food units shall provide an independent power supply that is screened from public view if it is not located on the food truck.
   J.   Mobile food units shall comply with all applicable Fire Codes and shall be inspected by a City fire official prior to operation of the mobile food unit.
   K.   The approved license shall be prominently displayed on the mobile food unit for the duration of the event. (Ord. 995, 5-7-2018)