A.   Applicant: Licenses shall be issued only to persons of good moral character and repute and persons who are in good health and free from any communicable disease. (Ord. 530, sec. 1, 8-15-1994)
   B.   Training And Certification: Licenses may be issued only to persons who have a diploma or certificate demonstrating that they have completed at least one hundred (100) hours of training from either a school approved by the American Massage Therapy Association or similarly reputable massage association, or from a school which is either accredited by a recognized education accrediting association or agency, or is licensed by the State or a local government agency having jurisdiction over the school, or a certificate from the National Certification for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. (Ord. 598, sec. 2, 3-3-1997)
   C.   Prior Offenses: Licenses may be issued only to persons free from convictions or offenses which involve moral turpitude or which relate directly to the person's ability, capacity or fitness to perform the duties and discharge the responsibilities of the occupation.
   D.   Prior Revocation: Licenses may not be issued to persons who, within one year prior to the date of application, have been denied licensing or who have had their license revoked or suspended by any community, political entity or by the State of Minnesota.
   E.   Cooperation Of Applicant: Licenses may be issued only to persons who have fully and truthfully answered all of the information requested in the application and have paid the full license fee and investigation fee.
   F.   Age: Licenses may be issued only to persons eighteen (18) years of age or older. (Ord. 530, sec. 1, 8-15-1994)