Official Village Code   1
Saving Clause   2
Definitions   3
General Penalty   4
General Administrative Provisions   5
Officers And Employees; Personnel Regulations   6
  General Provisions   6A
  Personnel Working Standards, Regulations   6B
Officers And Officials Of The Village   7
  Board Of Trustees   7A
  Village Clerk   7B
  Village Treasurer   7C
  Village Collector   7D
Professional Fees   8
Ethical Conduct   9
Freedom Of Information Act   10
Depositories   11
Identity Protection And Identity Theft Prevention Policies   12
Rules Relative To Public Comments At Public Meetings   13
Code Hearing Department/Administrative Adjudication System   14
Social Media Use Policy   15
Purchase And Contract Policy   16
Travel, Meals And Lodging Expense Reimbursement Policy And Regulations   17