The following are hereby declared to be public nuisances affecting health, comfort and repose:
   (A)   Decayed food. All decayed or unwholesome food offered for sale to the public;
   (B)   Diseased animals. All diseased animals running at large;
   (C)   Milk from untested cows. Milk which is produced by cows which have not been tested and found free of tuberculosis within the year previous to the offering of such milk for sale to the public;
   (D)   Carcasses. Carcasses of animals not burned or destroyed within 24 hours after death;
   (E)   Manure and rubbish. Accumulations of manure or rubbish;
   (F)   Garbage cans. Privy vaults and garbage cans which are not fly-tight;
   (G)   Cesspool contents. Dumping the content of any cesspool, privy vault or garbage can except at places authorized by law;
   (H)   Accumulation of trash and debris. An accumulation of tin cans, bottles, trash or debris of any nature or description; and the throwing, dumping or depositing of any dead animals, manure or description; and the throwing, dumping or depositing of dead animals, manure, garbage, waste, decaying matter, ground sand, stones, ashes, rubbish, tin cans or other material of any kind on private property;
   (I)   Smoke and fumes. Dense smoke, noxious fumes, gas and soot or cinders in unreasonable quantities;
   (J)   Exposure of diseased persons. All public exposure of persons having contagious disease;
   (K)   Medicine samples. The distribution of samples of medicines or drugs unless such samples are placed in the hands of an adult person by someone properly licensed; and
   (L)   Other acts detrimental to health. All other acts, omissions of acts, occupations and uses of property which are deemed by the Board of Health to be a menace to the health of the inhabitants of the city or a considerable number thereof.
(1990 Code, § 1503.020)  Penalty, see § 10.99