§ 71.07  EQUIPMENT.
   It is unlawful for any person to operate a snowmobile any place within the limits of the city unless it is equipped with the following:
   (A)   Standard mufflers which are properly attached and which reduce the noise of operation of the motor to the minimum necessary for operation. No person shall use a muffler cutout, by-pass, straight pipe or similar device on a snowmobile motor;
   (B)   Brakes adequate to control the movement of and to stop and hold the snowmobile under any condition of operation;
   (C)   A safety or so-called “deadman” throttle in operating condition. A safety or “deadman” throttle is defined as a device which, when pressure is removed from the engine accelerator or throttle, causes the motor to be disengaged from the driving track;
   (D)   When operated between the hours of one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise or at times of reduced visibility, at least one clear lamp attached to the front, with sufficient intensity to reveal persons and vehicles at a distance of at least 100 feet ahead during the hours of darkness under normal atmospheric conditions. Such head lamp shall be so aimed that glaring rays are not projected into the eyes of an oncoming snowmobile operator. It shall be equipped with at least one red tail lamp having a minimum candlepower of sufficient intensity to exhibit a red light plainly visible from a distance of 500 feet to the rear during hours of darkness under normal atmospheric conditions;
   (E)   A triangular pennant flag of red or blaze material, of a size not less than 12 inches by nine  inches, at a height of not less than six feet from the ground level at any time when the vehicle is operated on public streets; and
   (F)   Reflective material at least 16 square inches on each side, forward of the handlebars, so as to reflect light at a 90 degree angle.
(1990 Code, § 1001.070)  Penalty, see § 71.99