(A)   Public hearing notice. The City Council shall hold a public hearing, a notice of which shall be published at least ten days prior to the hearing in the official newspaper of the city. The notice of hearing shall include:
      (1)   The time and place of hearing;
      (2)   Description of the property by street address for p1atted 1ands and clearly identifiable location for the unplatted lands;
      (3)   The proposed use and requested zoning district change; and
      (4)   The time and place for public inspection of the documents before the hearing.
   (B)   Public hearing. The City Council, at the hearing,  shall listen to all persons who may speak in support of or in opposition to the proposal. The City Council may issue a decision at the end of the public hearing or may require additional information before it approves or denies the petition.
   (C)   Data submission requirements. Petitions for zoning district changes and conditional uses shall be submitted with the following  information:
      (1)   Legal description of the area proposed to be rezoned, the name and addresses of all owners of property lying within such area;
      (2)   A list of names and addresses of the owners of all properties within 150 feet of the proposed property, excluding the width of the streets rights-of-way;
      (3)   A map showing the existing land uses  and zoning district classification of the area;
      (4)   A site plan showing the existing buildings and uses and the requested changes; and
      (5)   A fee shall be paid in accordance with the schedule established by the City Council.
   (D)   Deliberation and decision. The City Council shall ascertain whether the proposal for a zoning district amendment meets all requirements of this chapter and other regulations of the city and shall issue its decision within 30 days of the public hearing or within 30 days of receiving any additional information requested, whichever is longer. If a protest against a zoning district change is signed by 20% of either: the owners of the property within the proposed site or the owners of the adjoining properties within 150 feet of the site (excluding street rights-of-way), a vote of three fourths of all City Council members is necessary to approve the zoning district  change.
(Ord. 19-1, passed 8-10-1998)