(A)   Purpose. The purpose of this section is to provide for the regulations of non-conforming buildings and uses and to specify those circumstances and conditions which adversely affect the maintenance, development, use, or taxable value of other property in the area and whether it shall be permitted to continue or shall be discontinued.
   (B)   Authority to continue. Any non-conforming building or use which existed lawfully prior to the adoption of this chapter but which has become non-conforming upon adoption of this chapter may be continued. But if the non-conforming use or occupancy is discontinued for a period of more than 12 consecutive calendar months, any subsequent use or occupancy of the premises shall be a conforming use or occupancy.
   (C)   Change or expansion of use. Whenever the use of a building becomes a non-conforming use through a change in zoning ordinances or change in district boundaries, the use may be continued, if no structural  alterations are made. A non-conforming building which is non-conforming as to size, shall not be added to or enlarged in any manner unless such changes are made to conform to all of the regulations of the district in which it  is located.
   (D)   Repairs and alterations. Ordinary repairs and alterations may be made to a non-conforming building, provided that no structural alterations be made except to make the building or use conforming to the provisions of the district in which it is located.
   (E)   Restoration of damaged building. Whenever a building is destroyed or damaged by fire or other casualty to the extent of more than 60% of its full market value, it shall not be restored unless said building and use shall conform to all of the regulations of the district in which it is located. In the event such damage or destruction is less than 60% of such full market value, repairs or construction may be made within one year from the date of destruction.
(Ord. 19-1, passed 8-10-1998)  Penalty, see § 154.99