(A)   Public streets as boundary. Where zoning district boundary lines are indicated as following streets and public ways or extensions thereof, such boundary lines shall be construed to be the centerline of said streets or public ways or extension thereof unless clearly shown to the contrary.
   (B)   Lot line as boundary. Where a zoning district boundary line coincides approximately but not exactly with the lot line, the zoning boundary shall be construed to be the lot line at that location. All section lines, quarter section lines and quarter, quarter section lines may be construed as the property lines.
   (C)   District description for unsubdivided lands. For unsubdivided property, zoning district boundaries are determined by metes and bounds description or by a legal description as deemed necessary.
   (D)   Zoning district boundary interpretation. Where any uncertainty exists as to the exact location cf the zoning district boundary lines, the City Council shall determine the location of such boundary lines.
   (E)   Annexation of land. Any land annexed to the city in the future shall be placed in the A-1 Agricultural District, unless the area is targeted and scheduled for development in which case the area shall be placed in the appropriate zoning district subject to the district changes and amendments provided in this chapter.
   (F)   Certification. The official zoning map shall bear the signature of the Mayor, certification by the City Clerk-Treasurer, and date of adoption of the zoning map as an integral part of this chapter.
(Ord. 19-1, passed 8-10-1998)