(A)   The management of the dispensary shall be under the control of the Council. The dispensary shall be in the immediate charge of a liquor store manager selected by the Council, and paid such compensation as is fixed by the Council. The manager shall operate the dispensary under the direction of the Council and shall perform such duties in connection with the dispensary as may be imposed upon him or her by the Council. He or she shall be responsible to the Council for the conduct of the dispensary in full compliance with this chapter, and with the laws relating to the sale of liquor and beer.
   (B)   The Council shall also appoint such additional employees as may be required for the dispensary and shall fix their compensation. All employees, including the manager, shall hold their positions at the pleasure of the Council. No minor shall be employed in the dispensary.
(Ord. 11-1, passed 2-14-1972; Res. 14-209, passed 2-24-2014) Penalty, see § 10.99