(A)   (1)   The village hereby adopts and incorporates by reference the 2009 International Building Code, 2009 International Commercial Building Code, 2008 Illinois Plumbing Code and the 2011 National Electrical Code and subsequent amendments as the Building Codes of the village for the regulation of building construction in the village.
      (2)   The section numbers used in the respective codes adopted hereunder shall be identical to those section numbers in the village’s Building Code.
   (B)   Each and all of the regulations, provisions, penalties and conditions and terms of herein listed codes are hereby referred to, adopted and made a part hereof, as if fully set out in this chapter with the additions, insertions, deletions and changes set forth in this chapter.
(Ord. 93-O-23, passed 8-12-1993; Ord. 96-O-02, passed 1-25-1996; Ord. 13-O-03, passed 2-14-2013)