(A)   Spreader deflector shields are required when fertilizing by rotary or broadcast spreaders. Deflectors must be positioned such that fertilizer granules are deflected away from all impervious surfaces, fertilizer free zones, and water bodies, including wetlands.
   (B)   Fertilizer must not be applied, spilled, or otherwise deposited on any impervious surfaces.
   (C)   Any fertilizer applied, spilled, or deposited either intentionally or accidentally, on any impervious surface must be immediately and completely removed to the greatest extent practicable.
   (D)   Fertilizer released on an impervious surface must be immediately contained and either legally applied to turf or any other legal site, or returned to the original or other appropriate container.
   (E)   In no case may fertilizer be washed, swept, or blown off impervious surfaces into stormwater drains, ditches, conveyances, or water bodies.
(Ord. 1569, passed 7-27-17)