(A)   Fees and charges shall bear a reasonable relationship to the services provided or costs incurred in the administration and the provision of wastewater and water services and are billed monthly on a combined utility bill by the Finance Department on a consolidated statement that may include, but is not limited to, wastewater, water, garbage and stormwater services. Utility services shall be separately listed. No user so charged for water and sewer services may pay either of the charges without simultaneously paying the charge for the other.
   (B)   Fees and charges may from time to time be modified by resolution of the City Commission in compliance with the notice requirements of F.S. § 180.136.
   (C)   The city shall collect revenues pursuant to the adopted fees and charges in accordance with law and generally acceptable accounting techniques.
   (D)   Revenues derived from fees and charges shall be appropriately earmarked and deposited in the "Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund" and used for the operation and maintenance, construction, acquisition, addition, extension, renewal and replacement of the wastewater and water system.
   (E)   The uniform rates and charges established by this chapter shall be reviewed annually, or as directed by the City Commission, and may be adjusted by resolution.
(Ord. 1518, passed 11-6-14)