(A)   Beginning on the effective date of this chapter, 100% of the total water impact fee shall be paid to the city prior to the issuance of a site construction permit, building permit, or business tax receipt, whichever comes first. No city permits shall issue prior to the receipt of the water system impact fee. If a building permit is not issued within 12 months from issuance of a water permit, the city may return the customer's water impact fee and require the customer to reapply for a water permit.
   (B)   The issuance of a water permit shall create no vested rights in the permittee and shall not be construed as a guarantee of water service capacity to the permittee. The city may permit connections to its water systems only if it may lawfully do so and would not thereby violate any license, restriction, injunction, moratorium, or denial of permission to connect imposed or issued by any court of competent jurisdiction or by any applicable agency of the United States, the state, or the city.
(Ord. 188, passed 5-17-84; Am. Ord. 1518, passed 11-6-14)