For the purpose of this subchapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   "CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS." The cost of the labor, materials, and expenses directly related to the building of the project.
   "CITY COMMISSION." The Lake Mary City Commission, a Florida Municipal Corporation.
   "CITY RATE RESOLUTIONS AND ORDINANCES." All resolutions and ordinances, either currently in effect or to be adopted in the future, by the City Commission or its successor which establish and fix rates, fees, and charges for the city water system.
   "CITY OF LAKE MARY WATER SYSTEM." All facilities and interests in real and personal property owned, operated, managed, or conditioned by the city now and in the future and used to provide water service to existing and future customers within the service area of the city.
   "DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM." The lines, meters, valves, and appurtenant devices to transmit potable water from transmission lines to the customer.
   "ERU." An equivalent residential unit.
   "GPD." Gallons per day.
   "TRANSMISSION FACILITIES." Those lines, pipes, mains, water tanks, pumps, water towers, meters, and appurtenant equipment used to transmit or store water from the treatment facilities to the distribution system as defined and determined by the city.
   "TREATMENT FACILITIES." Those facilities, such as wells, pumps, and raw water lines, used to treat water prior to distribution and the housing for those facilities.
   "WATER FACILITIES." All water distribution, transmission, and treatment facilities, including all wells, lines, pipes, meters, couplings, pumps, storage tanks, water towers, and appurtenant equipment necessary to provide water service capacity.
   "WATER PERMIT." An additional permit containing anticipated ERU's prior to project approval.
   "WATER SERVICE CAPACITY." The amount of water, measured in GPD, which can be transmitted, treated, and provided to the customer.
   "WATER SYSTEM." Production, treatment, and delivery of potable water to residences, businesses, buildings, institutions, industrial establishments, and other customers of the city water system.
(Ord. 188, passed 5-17-84; Am. Ord. 839, passed 6-5-97; Am. Ord. 1518, passed 11-6-14)