(A)   The City Commission, by resolution, may establish and change, from time to time, a rate schedule to include deposits.
The rate schedule shall represent all service charges and fees which are to be charged for providing residential and commercial collection service as provided for herein. Such rate schedule shall include:
      (1)   Monthly residential collection service charges for providing residential collection service.
      (2)   Commercial collection service charge size of container, and frequency of pickup.
      (3)   Special service collection rate per cubic yard.
      (4)   Franchise fee, including amount and conditions of payment.
      (5)   Schedule of license, deposits, and other fees, as applicable.
   (B)   Such rates and fees in the rate schedule shall be established in accordance with any applicable provisions of the franchise agreement.
   (C)   These shall be no free services rendered for the collection, transportation, or disposal of solid waste, except as otherwise agreed between the city and the franchise collector.
(Ord. 236, passed 10-3-85; Am. Ord. 459, passed 9-7-89; Am. Ord. 1312, passed 2-5-09; Am. Ord. 1523, passed 2-26-15)