All new or relocated utility lines within a designated corridor shall be construed and installed beneath the surface of the ground unless it is determined by the City or the County Commissions that soil, topography, or any other compelling conditions make the installation of utility lines as prescribed herein unreasonable or impracticable.
   (A)   It shall be the developer's responsibility to make the necessary arrangements with each utility in accordance with the utility's established policy.
   (B)   The underground installation of incidental appurtenances, such as transformer boxes, switch boxes, pedestal mounted boxes for the provision of electricity shall not be required. However, such appurtenances where not rendered impractical by the determination of the City Commission shall be installed on the site of any development approved after the adoption of this section. The necessary easements to allow the utility company access and service to such appurtenances shall be dedicated to the service provider by the developer prior to issuance of a building permit.
   (C)   All transformers and switch boxes related to development approved after the adoption of this section shall be set back a minimum of ten feet from any right-of-way and shall be screened appropriately so as not to be seen from any public right-of-way using landscape materials or masonry construction in conformance with this chapter.
   (D)   Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit any entity furnishing utility service within the city from collecting, as a condition precedent to the installation of service facilities, any fee, repayment or contribution in aid of construction which may be required.
(Ord. 490, passed 2-1-90; Am. Ord. 571, passed 10-3-91)