Parking lots shall be landscaped according to the following criteria:
   (A)   Landscape requirement. A minimum of 10% of all parking areas and entryways shall be landscaped.
   (B)   Parking bays. Parking bays shall not be larger than 20 spaces. Rows of parking stalls shall be broken every ten stalls by a landscaped break as shown on Appendix, Figure E.
   (C)   Landscape breaks.
      (1)   Perimeter landscaped parking breaks shall be a maximum of 200 square feet in area.
      (2)   Internal landscaped breaks shall be a minimum of 400 square feet planted with one canopy tree, two- to three-inch diameter at breast height, for every landscape break and a minimum of three shrubs for every landscaped break. (See Appendix, Figure E).
      (3)   Diamond landscaped breaks shall be placed every ten spaces internally, shall be eight feet by eight feet and shall be planted with one canopy tree. (See Appendix, Figure E).
   (D)   Preservation. Existing vegetation shall be preserved where possible. If trees are removed, individual jurisdictions shall specify replacement ratios and species.
   (E)   Lighting.
      (1)   Lighting shall comply with the provisions of § 154.22.167
      (2)   The minimum setback from the property line shall be a horizontal distance of 20 feet.
(Ord. 421, passed 3-16-89; Am. Ord. 1052, passed 3-21-02) Penalty, see § 10.99