(A)   Amortization. Any lawfully existing permanent sign which was made non-conforming by the adoption of this sign code (Ordinance No. 1029) or any subsequent amendments shall be brought into compliance with these provisions of this sign code or any subsequent amendments within seven years from the date upon which the sign became non- conforming. Any existing temporary sign which existed on 10/4/01 shall be brought into compliance with the provisions of this sign code or any subsequent amendments within two years from that date. The amortization provisions of this subsection shall not apply to any sign subject to the Federal Highway Beautification Act or Chapter 479 of the Florida Statutes as from time to time amended.
   (B)   Repairs and maintenance. The owner of a non-conforming sign may carry out maintenance or repairs that are required by the City Code or that are reasonably necessary or commonly engaged in to maintain the sign in a reasonably usable condition. Repairs or maintenance of a non-conforming sign shall not extend its useful life beyond its amortization period.
   (C)   Damage or destruction. If any non-conforming sign is damaged or destroyed to such an extent that the cost of repair or reconstruction of the sign is fifty percent (50%) or more of the depreciated value of the sign at the time it is damaged or destroyed, then the non- conforming sign shall be made to comply with the provisions of this sign code and any subsequent amendments.
   (D)   Discontinuance. A sign that is discontinued as defined in this sign code shall lose its non-conforming status. An intent to abandon is not necessary to establish discontinuance.
   (E)   Alteration. A non-conforming sign shall not be moved, structurally altered, enlarged or changed in height or size.
   (F)   Illegal sign. The use of an illegal sign shall not be sufficient to establish the existence of a non-conforming sign or to create any rights to the continuation of such sign.
(Ord. 1029, passed 10-4-01; Am. Ord. 1086, passed 3-20-03; Am. Ord. 1476, passed 12-20-12)