(A)   If the plans set forth in the land use element are carried out, the environment of the city will be affected. In some instances, the effects will be adverse, while in others they will be beneficial.
   (B)   The adverse impacts of the plan on the environment include the following.
      (1)   Some erosion or sedimentation may occur during construction activities.
      (2)   Urban runoff will be increased as streets and parking areas are asphalted.
      (3)   Drainage ways may become overburdened and clogged if erosion is significant and the vegetation is removed.
      (4)   Air quality may decline as growth accelerates.
      (5)   Water quality within the lakes may decline as urban runoff increases.
   (C)   Certain beneficial impacts of the plan on the environment are as follows.
      (1)   The plan sets forth certain areas to be retained in their natural state. Preservation of these areas will be a positive impact.
      (2)   Provision of sanitary sewerage facilities helps to eliminate one primary source of pollution.
      (3)   Orderly growth as a result of the plan will promote environmental conservation.
   (D)   There are certain unavoidable adverse environmental effects associated with development. Among these are the following.
      (1)   Erosion, waste, and debris accumulation.
      (2)   Loss of some vacant land to development.
      (3)   Deterioration of air quality.
(Ord. 135, passed 5-7-81)