(A)   Impact fees shall be determined and reviewed at the direction of the City Commission in accordance with a detailed analysis of projected construction within the city limits; the cost of any expanded or new capital facilities and equipment for police, fire, public works, and park and recreation facilities generated by such construction, the costs associated with such a determination, update or review, and the money otherwise available to meet those costs. The City Commission may adjust the established impact fee rates to reflect changes in the cost of relevant capital facilities and equipment and/or impact fee development studies or related updates or reviews at such times as it deems appropriate and as circumstances supporting adjustment may exist.
   (B)   All changes or adjustments in the established impact fee rates shall be by ordinance and shall apply only to construction for which building permits are issued after the effective date of the ordinance.
(Ord. 279, passed 3-19-87; Am. Ord. 528, passed 9-20-90; Am. Ord. 658, passed 8-5-93; Am. Ord. 1048, passed 3-21-02)