(A)   Every application for a permit to erect a building or structure or to materially alter a front, rear, or side elevation of any existing building or structure in the city shall be accompanied by three sets of detailed plans, and all detailed structural drawings thereof that the Building Official or Community Development Director may require. If the plans submitted do not furnish sufficient information to adequately show the scope of the planned construction for which a permit has been requested, then there shall be furnished, in addition to the two sets of detailed plans, one set of detailed specifications for each proposed work. Both the plans and specifications, when required by law, shall be prepared by a registered architect or a registered engineer, qualified under the laws of the state to prepare the plans and specifications, and no permit therefore shall be issued until the plans, and specifications when required, have been approved by the Building Official or his or her designee and other affected city officers. All plans and specifications for buildings or structures to be erected in the city that are governed by state laws, must have the standard approval of the proper state authority before application is made for a permit.
   (B)   All plans shall be drawn at a scale acceptable to the Building Official and shall show the following.
      (1)   A plot plan which shall show the actual shape and dimensions of the lot or lots to be built on, the exact size and location on the lot or lots of proposed and existing buildings and accessory buildings, and the existing and intended use of each building or part of a building existing or proposed, driveway, provisions for off-street parking, and other information with regard to the lot as may be necessary to determine compliance with these regulations.
      (2)   The location and layout of the proposed sewage disposal system.
      (3)   When applicable, the required loading and unloading spaces, maneuvering space, and openings for ingress and egress.
      (4)   When applicable, grading and drainage plans showing any and all cuts, fills, and provisions for adequately carrying off surface water on premises, plus provisions for any surface water on premises, plus provisions for any surface water which would naturally flow over or through the area. These plans shall be reviewed and approved by the City Engineer.
      (5)   Specifications, when required, shall be full and complete as to the character of the work, structural details, strength of material, and workmanship.
      (6)   Other information may be lawfully required by the Building Official including existing or proposed building or alteration; existing or proposed uses of the building and land; the number of families, housekeeping units, or rental units the building is designed to accommodate; conditions existing on the lot; and other matters necessary to determine conformance with, and provide for the enforcement of this chapter.
   (C)   One copy of the plans shall be returned to the applicant by the Building and Life Safety Division after the copies have been identified either as approved or disapproved, and attested this by the plan examiner's signature on the copy. One copy shall be kept on the job-site in a waterproof container. The original, similarly marked, shall be retained by the Building Official.
(Ord. 78, passed 3-1-79; Am. Ord. 756, passed 6-15-95; Am. Ord. 774, passed 11-2-95; Am. Ord. 1048, passed 3-21-02)