The Building Official duly appointed and delegated by the City Commission is hereby charged with the responsibility of administering and enforcing this chapter. He or she may be assisted by other city personnel as necessary to enforce the provisions of this chapter.
   (A)   The Building Officialor his or her designee shall notify, in writing, violators of this chapter, indicating the nature of the violation and ordering necessary action to correct the violation.
   (B)   The Building Official or his or her designee shall order discontinuance of the illegal use of land, buildings, or structures; the removal of illegal buildings, structures, additions, alterations, or structural changes thereto; discontinuance of any illegal work being performed; or any other action authorized to insure compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (C)   The issuance of a permit upon plans and specifications shall not prevent the Building Official from thereafter requiring the correction of errors in these plans and specifications.
   (D)   If the work described in any building permit has not been substantially completed within one year of the date of issuance thereof, the permit shall expire and shall be cancelled by the Building Official, with written notice thereof given to the persons affected, together with notice that any further work as described in the cancelled permit shall not proceed until a new building permit has been issued.
   (E)   Energy calculations shall be submitted, on forms provided by the state, when application is made for a building permit.
   (F)   The owner of a building must certify compliance prior to receiving a permit for construction.
(Ord. 78, passed 3-1-79; Am. Ord. 119, passed 10-23-80; Am. Ord. 756, passed 6-15-95; Am. Ord. 774, passed 11-2-95; Am. Ord. 1048, passed 3-21-02)