(A)   Prior to the installation or substantial modification or use of an alarm system which is defined in § 96.01, the owner or lessee of the premises shall furnish the Police and Fire Departments with such information as the Departments deem necessary to provide adequate response to the alarm. Newly installed or substantially modified systems shall be allowed to operate for a period of 30 days from the date of installation or modification without penalty for false alarms, provided the Police and Fire Departments are notified of the installation or modification in advance of same.
   (B)   The owner or lessee of any premises at which an alarm system is installed shall register the installation with the Police Department and Fire Department and shall be liable to the city for all service fees rendered for false alarms pursuant to this chapter. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary herein contained, the owner or lessee of a premises which has an unregistered alarm system shall be liable for a service fee commencing with the first false alarm.
   (C)   Owners or lessees of any alarm system shall provide response to the alarm location, when requested, in order to reset or disable the alarm system within one hour of notification. Failure to provide the response may result in a charge of $50 for each occurrence, payable to the city. The charge may be waived in the discretion of the Chief of Police or the Fire Chief provided good cause therefor shall have been promptly demonstrated to the appropriate Chief.
   (D)   The owner or lessee of every premises which utilizes an alarm system, shall provide the Police Department, Fire Department and Alarm Monitoring Company with a minimum of three current working telephone numbers of persons to be notified in case of an emergency.
   (E)   All alarm systems having an audible or visual signal at the premises shall be so equipped so as to automatically shut off the audible or visual signal after 15 minutes. Those systems required by law to have a longer operating period shall be equipped so as to automatically shut off the audible or visual signal at the conclusion of the longer required operating time.
   (F)   Telephone alarm devices shall be so constructed or installed such as to not seize or otherwise hold or preempt the telephone lines of the Police or Fire Department.
(Ord. 219, passed 4-18-85; Am. Ord. 659, passed 9-19-93; Am. Ord. 919, passed 3-18-99; Am. Ord. 1051, passed 3-21-02) Penalty, see § 10.99