The district shall have all powers authorized by law necessary, convenient or proper, to the accomplishment of its purpose. By way of addition thereto and not by way of limitation of the generality of the foregoing, the district shall have the following enumerated powers:
   (A)   To sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, complain and defend in all courts in its own name.
   (B)   To make and execute contractual arrangements or other instruments necessary or convenient to the exercise of its power with any person, firm or corporation, for the installation and maintenance of street lighting within the district, or for any other matter proper for the effectuation of the purposes of the district.
   (C)   To enter into interlocal agreements authorized by the provisions of F.S. § 163.01, for the purposes therein expressed.
   (D)   To adopt and use a seal and alter the same.
   (E)   To borrow money and issue general obligation bonds, assessment bonds or any other obligations or indebtedness in such a manner and subject to such limitations as may be provided by law.
   (F)   To employ and fix the compensation of such personnel as may be required for the purposes of the district, including without limitation, professional, supervisory and clerical.
   (G)   To levy special assessments against the property within the district initially and thereafter, monthly as hereinafter provided and as more specifically provided by resolution.
   (H)   To charge, collect and enforce the collection of special assessments by foreclosure or other means authorized by law § 189.4065, as same may be from time to time amended, which shall be collected in accordance with F.S. Ch. 170 or 197.
   (I)   To enter into contracts to provide for the billing and collection of assessments, the placing and recording of liens and the employment of attorneys to enforce collection by foreclosure of liens, and to provide such other legal or administrative services as the district may require.
   (J)   To contract or expand the boundaries of the territory to be affected by and subject to the special assessment of the district as the governing body shall, by resolution, fix and determine.
   (K)   To merge with other districts, pursuant to F.S. § 189.4042, (1990), as same shall from time to time be amended.
   (L)   To adopt by-laws, rules and resolutions concerning the powers, duties and functions of officers of the district, the conduct of business of the district and the maintenance of records.
   (M)   To establish a budget initially and thereafter on a yearly basis, as hereinafter provided.
   (N)   To provide for and establish an office for the maintenance of the district.
   (O)   To incorporate additional lands within the district as herein provided.
(Ord. 544, passed 5-2-91; Am. Ord. 1001, passed 11-2-00)