(A)   There is hereby created, pursuant to the authority of F.S. § 189.401 et seq., including but not necessarily limited to § 189.4031, § 189.4041, § 189.4065, § 189.416, § 189.417 and § 189.418 a dependent municipal service assessment and benefit district within portions of the incorporate area of the city, as hereinafter defined for the purpose of providing for street lighting, and the maintenance thereof, from revenues collected by special assessment within such district only. The special assessments within the district shall be apart from and in addition to existing municipal and county taxes. Nothing contained in this chapter shall preclude property owners subject to the special assessment and benefit district herein created from obtaining the full range of the general services and benefits provided routinely by the city to all other property owners within the incorporated areas of the city for similar services.
   (B)   The name of the district to serve and especially benefit the area hereinafter described shall be the City Street Lighting District.
(Ord. 544, passed 5-2-91)