(A)   For the purposes of this section, “Authorized City Employee” shall mean City Manager, Parks and Recreation Director and designated staff, all sworn members of the Lake Mary Police Department, and any other city employees so designated in writing by the City Manager.
   (B)   All users, participants, spectators, or otherwise thereon at an area that is a public park, public playground, or public recreation facility or area within the city shall be expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. Disorderly conduct by the use of obscene or vulgar language, obscene or vulgar gestures, profanity, lewd behavior and/or unsportsmanlike behavior shall be grounds for removal from the premises. Repeated acts of such behavior shall be grounds for suspension of facility use privileges as a user, participant, and/or spectator. Any person who fails to comply with an order or directive from an authorized city employee to leave the premises or to comply with an order of suspension is declared to be in violation of this chapter punishable pursuant to § 10.99 of the Lake Mary City Code.
(Ord. 854, passed 10-2-97; Am. Ord. 1658, passed 3-3-22)