(A)   Certain persons who own businesses for which the transportation of certain construction, industrial and organic waste is an integral part of the performance of that occupation may obtain a permit to transport these wastes. Examples of such occupations are roofing, demolition and land clearing contractors or grocery stores and restaurants.
   (B)   No person shall collect solid waste from any property used as a residence, including any person that in the course of business rents, leases, or sells individual apartments, condominium apartments, or mobile homes.
   (C)   Each such person shall make application for a permit to the Building Department. The application shall be made on forms provided by the city and shall provide, at a minimum, the following:
      (1)   Name and address of person;
      (2)   Description of occupation;
      (3)   Description of the solid waste the occupation produces;
      (4)   Description of equipment to be utilized; and
      (5)   Agreement to comply with all conditions of license and provisions of this subchapter.
   (D)   A permit fee established by resolution and codified in Chapter 163 of this Code of Ordinances shall accompany each application.
(Ord. 236, passed 10-3-85; Am. Ord. 1312, passed 2-5-09; Am. Ord. 1414, passed 3-3-11; Am. Ord. 1523, passed 2-26-15) Penalty, see § 91.99