It shall be mandatory for all residences, commercial establishments, and owners or developers of demolition sites in the city to utilize the services of the franchise collector for solid waste removal services, including all C&D that is not being recycled. All residences and commercial establishments within the city shall be billed by the city’s Finance Department for solid waste removal at the rates established. Any person believing that its living unit within the city is not a residence and is therefore not subject to mandatory residential solid waste removal may appeal to the City Commission for a determination. In addition to any other remedies afforded by law or set forth herein the city may record a lien against each unit of residential property for unpaid solid waste service fees from the date such fees become due until paid and/or terminate water/sewer service in a like manner as prescribed in § 91.46, and as provided by rules and regulations governing the collection of utility fees in Chapter 53.
(Ord. 459, passed 9-7-89; Am. Ord. 1312, passed 2-5-09 ; Am. Ord. 1523, passed 2-26-15; Am. Ord. 1568, passed 6-15-17; Am. Ord. 1607, passed 2-21-19)