(A)   The owner/customer shall be responsible for repairs necessary to maintain good working condition of the backflow prevention equipment.
   (B)   After repair of any BFP assembly, the assembly shall be tested by a certified backflow prevention assembly tester. An affirmation of compliance by the certified backflow prevention assembly tester shall be provided to the Public Works Department within ten days of completion of such repairs.
   (C)   The owner/customer of a backflow prevention assembly which fails a test or does not meet the standards of the Program shall repair, alter or replace the backflow prevention assembly to meet such standards. The owner/customer shall have 30 days from the date of the inspection report to correct any deficiencies or problems with the backflow prevention assembly.
   (D)   In cases of non-compliance with the BFP assembly repair requirements contained in this section, the Public Works Department Director reserves the right to repair or have repaired, at the owner/consumer's expense, the BFP assembly(ies) located on the consumer's premises.
   (E)   The painted exterior surfaces of BFP assemblies, including valves and piping, shall be maintained in good condition without evidence of chipping, peeling and other deformations of the coating.
(Ord. 1212, passed 9-7-06)