(A)   Fixture inlets or valved outlets - Hose attachments which may constitute a cross connection shall be protected by the proper approved vacuum breaker (AVB, HBVB, etc.) installed at least six inches to 12 inches above the highest point of usage and located on the discharge side of the last valve. Fixtures with an integral vacuum breaker manufactured as a unit may be installed in accordance with approved requirements.
   (B)   Air condition cooling tower - A reduced pressure zone backflow preventer shall be attached to the potable water inlet.
   (C)   Aspirators and ejectors - Shall have an AVB or PVB, depending upon the degree of hazard, on the faucet from which these devices are attached or operated.
   (D)   Booster pumps - Interconnection shall not be permitted unless the public supply is protected by an RP at the service connection and written approval received from the Public Works Department.
   (E)   Private wells - Interconnection shall not be permitted.
   (F)   Portable spray and cleaning equipment - Any portable pressure spray or cleaning units with the capacity to connect to any potable water supply and not containing a built-in approved air gap shall be fitted with a reduced pressure backflow assembly.
   (G)   Miscellaneous uses of water from fire hydrants - The operation of fire hydrants by other than authorized personnel is prohibited. The Public Works Department may permit use of water from a fire hydrant for construction or other purposes, provided the applicant shall properly apply for, and comply with, backflow requirements on a hydrant use permit.
(Ord. 1212, passed 9-7-06)