(A)   Each commercial, industrial or multi-family facility applicant for water service shall be required to comply with this section. Applicants for water service to new single-family residences may be screened for potential cross connections to the city's water system and, if such potential conditions exist, shall be subject to this section. If the Public Works Department determines that a potential cross connection exists, the Public Works Department shall establish a hazard level commensurate with the degree of that hazard level utilizing AWWA standards as minimum guidelines. The Public Works Department shall require the installation of a specific type of backflow prevention assembly for the premises.
   (B)   The Public Works Department may send a letter of notification to the new applicant for water service, or the requirements may be noted on approved construction plans indicating what backflow prevention measures must be taken, the type of device to be installed, and the time limit for the installation.
(Ord. 1212, passed 9-7-06)