(A)   The owner/customer of a premise which the Public Works Department determines needs an inspection shall be notified 30 days in advance to secure an appointment for inspection of the premises. The Public Works Department shall send a letter of notification to the owner/customer indicating what corrective measures, if any, must be taken, the type of device to be installed, and the time limit for the installation.
   (B)   Upon compliance with the requirements set forth in the notification letter, the owner/customer shall immediately notify the Public Works Department to schedule a date for re-inspection.
   (C)   If the owner/customer refuses to permit an inspection, either internal or external, to the building, the owner/customer shall, within 30 days after notification by the city, install and test a reduced pressure backflow preventer on the water service. The resulting test shall be submitted to the city within 24 hours of test completion.
   (D)   Existing commercial, industrial, multi-family and single-family irrigation systems shall comply with this section, either by retrofitting a device of a type approved by the Department, or by replacement of an existing device, if necessary.
(Ord. 1212, passed 9-7-06)