The installer's responsibility is to properly install backflow prevention assemblies in accordance with this section, the manufacturer's installation instructions and any additional instructions required by the Public Works Department. The installer is also responsible to ascertain whether an assembly is working properly when installed and is required to furnish the following information to the Public Works Department immediately after a reduced pressure principle backflow preventer (RP), double check valve assembly (DCVA) or pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) is installed: 1) service address where device is located; 2) owner; 3) description of device's location and size; 4) date of installation; 5) type of device; 6) manufacturer; 7) model number; 8) serial number; 9) water meter number; and 10) utility account number. All RP, DCVA, and PVB assemblies are required to be tested immediately following installation by a certified backflow assembly tester approved by the Public Works Department.
(Ord. 1212, passed 9-7-06)