(A)   Returns shall be canvassed by the city canvassing board to canvass the returns in municipal elections. The city canvassing board shall consist of the City Clerk and two members of the City Commission to be designated by the Commission. The canvassing board shall canvass the returns and issue their certificate in the same manner as the county canvassing board meets to canvass returns in the state and county primaries, and issue its certificate of election to the successful candidate. The certificate of the canvassing board shall be issued in triplicate; one copy to be deposited with the City Clerk, one copy delivered to the City Commission, and one copy posted on the public bulletin board in the city hall. The certificate shall be recorded in the minutes of any meeting of the City Commission held immediately following the filing of the certificate.
   (B)   In any municipal election conducted by the County Supervisor of Elections for and on behalf of the city the City Commission waives the requirement that returns shall be canvassed by a city canvassing board as provided by division (A) above, and in place and instead of same, the City Clerk may receive and record the report of tabulation as prepared by the County Supervisor of Elections and canvassed by the Seminole County Canvassing Board as the official return for the city election.
(Ord. 5, passed 11-12-73; Am. Ord. 533, passed 11-1-90; Am. Ord. 816, passed 10-17-96)