To the extent that the city conducts a city election at such time other than concurrently with a county-wide election or at such time as the county and the County Supervisor of Elections shall not be able to provide poll worker services during county-wide elections to the city pursuant to Section 3 of the poll worker and election assistance interlocal agreement, or such other agreement or agreements as from time to time may be made, the Mayor shall appoint an election board for the municipal elections as the same may be provided for by law, charter, ordinance, or proclamation of the city. The names of the election board shall be included in the proclamation for the holding of the municipal election. The Mayor shall fill any vacancy in the election board by appointment. The compensation of the members of the election board shall be as established by the City Commission, by ordinance or resolution
(Ord. 5, passed 11-12-73; Am. Ord. 77, passed 3-1-79; Am. Ord. 162, passed 1-20-83; Am. Ord. 383, passed 7-7-88)