§ 30.93 DUTIES.
   Duties of the Elder Affairs Commission include:
   (A)   Advise the City Commission on senior citizen needs and programs and make recommendations regarding the Lake Mary Senior Center and its funding;
   (B)   Support the city’s senior citizen activities through fund raising and applications for state and federal grants;
   (C)   Provide leadership and technical assistance to the City Commission on programs that will help senior citizens for the future to include initiatives such as "Communities for a Lifetime";
   (D)   Provide awareness to the city’s seniors of programs and services that educate, protect and assist with personal welfare issues including, but not limited to, personal security, wellness, mobility and personal independence; and
   (E)   Serve as a liaison for the city with Seminole County, state legislature, the Florida Department fo Elder Affairs and other local or state agencies that provide support, services or general information for the benefit of seniors.
(Res. 423, passed 4-16-92; Am. Ord. 1259, passed 9-6-07)