The Elder Affairs Commission will consist of seven citizens of the city, at least three of whom are sixty years of age or older. Up to three of the seven citizens may reside within unincorporated areas of Lake Mary. All appointments shall be made for a term of three years, and any member may be reappointed from term to term upon approval of the City Commission.
   (A)   The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Elder Affairs Commission shall be elected by the members of the committee.
   (B)   The members of the Elder Affairs Commission shall receive no compensation.
(Res. 423, passed 4-16-92; Am. Res. 600, passed 5-21-98; Am. Ord. 1259, passed 9-6-07; Am. Ord. 1294, passed 7-24-08; Am. Ord. 1527, passed 9-3-15)