Every owner or occupant or person in control or in possession of any household, dwelling or building as defined in § 51.03 shall provide at his or her own expense and put and keep on the grounds, backyard or other rear or side part of the lot appurtenant to any such building and in a convenient place, easy of access for collection, a metal or plastic can or other suitable permanent receptacle with a tight cover, of the capacity of not more than 30 gallons, and with handles on the sides; which container shall be kept clean; and every person shall deposit or cause to be deposited in the can or container all garbage and refuse which shall accrue on his or her premises in his or her control or possession, and shall deposit in the can or receptacle the same drained of water or other fluid, the garbage to be placed in plastic bags, and shall keep the container covered. Commercial and industrial establishments shall provide suitable receptacles that properly contain garbage or refuse so that offensive conditions of sight or smell are not created.
(Ord. 134A, passed 2-7-1972) Penalty, see § 10.99