(A)   The order to correct an ordinance violation and the sanctions imposed by the Hearing Officer against a respondent property owner as the result of a finding of an ordinance violation under this section shall attach to the property, subject to the interests of all lien holders of record, as well as to the owner of the property, so that the owner cannot avoid the finding of an ordinance violation against the owner by conveying or transferring the property to another.
   (B)   Any subsequent transferee or owner of property takes the property subject to the findings, decision, and order of a Hearing Officer under this section if a notice consisting of a copy of the order to correct a ordinance violation and imposing any sanctions and costs, if applicable, and a description of the real estate affected that is sufficient to identify the real estate has been filed in the Office of the Lake County Recorder by the county prior to the transfer or conveyance to the subsequent transferee or owner.
(Ord. 12-0447, passed 5-8-2012; Ord. 13-0739, passed 7-9-2013)