(A)   The Chair of the County Board shall file a copy of every rule, regulation, or order and any amendment thereof made by him or her pursuant to the provisions of this chapter in the office of the Lake County Clerk. No such rule, regulation, or order, or any amendment upon the declaration of a disaster emergency by the Chair as is described in § 32.07, the provision relating to the effective date of any rule, regulation, order, or amendment issued pursuant to this chapter and during the state of the disaster emergency, is abrogated, and the rule, regulation, order, or amendment shall become effective immediately upon being filed with the Lake County Clerk, accompanied by a certificate stating the reason for the emergency.
   (B)   The Lake County Emergency Management Agency established pursuant to this chapter, and the Manager thereof, shall execute and enforce orders, rules, and regulations as may be made by the Governor under authority of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act. The Lake County Emergency Management Agency shall have available for inspection at its office all orders, rules, and regulations made by the Governor, or under this authority. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency shall furnish the orders, rules, and regulations to the agency.
(1977 Code, § 3:5-1) (Res./Ord. passed 4-10-2007; Ord. 17-1256, passed 11-14-2017)