The Manager for emergency management operations may, in collaboration with other public agencies within his or her immediate vicinity, develop or cause to be developed mutual aid arrangements with other political subdivisions, municipal corporations, or bodies politic within this state for reciprocal disaster response and recovery in case a disaster is too great to be dealt with unassisted. The mutual aid shall not, however, be effective unless and until approved by each of the political subdivisions, municipal corporations, or bodies of politic that are parties thereto, in the manner provided by law, and unless and until filed with and approved in writing by the Illinois Director. These arrangements shall be consistent with the state and local emergency management operations plan and program, and in the event of a disaster as described in § 32.03, it shall be the duty of each local department for emergency management operations to render assistance in accordance with the provisions of the mutual aid arrangements.
(1977 Code, § 3:5-1) (Res./Ord. passed 4-10-2007; Ord. 17-1256, passed 11-14-2017)