(A)   There is hereby created an Emergency Management Agency and a coordinator of the Emergency Management Agency, herein called the “Manager”, who shall be the head thereof. The Manager shall be a civilian employee possessing the professional qualifications and expertise to perform the duties of Manager and shall be appointed in the same manner as are the heads of regular county governmental departments.
   (B)   The Lake County Emergency Management Agency shall obtain, with County Board approval, technical, clerical, stenographic, and other administrative personnel, and may make any expenditures within their appropriation therefor as may be necessary to carry out the purpose of the chapter.
   (C)   The Manager, subject to the administrative direction of the County Administrator, shall be the executive head of the Lake County Emergency Management Agency, and shall be responsible under the direction of the Chair of the County Board for carrying out the program for emergency management operations of this county. The Manager shall coordinate the activities of all organizations for emergency management operations within this county and shall maintain liaison, and cooperate with the civil defense and Emergency Management Agencies and organizations of this county, other counties and municipalities, and the federal and state governments.
   (D)   In the event of the absence, resignation, death, or inability to serve by the Manager, the Assistant Manager or any persons designated by the Chair of the County Board shall be and act as Manager until new appointment is made as provided in this chapter. The Manager may be removed by the County Administrator with the advice of the County Board Chair in the same manner as other county department heads, pursuant to the Lake County Employee Policies and Procedures Ordinance. The Lake County Emergency Management Agency shall take an integral part in the development and revision of the local emergency operations plan.
   (E)   In the development of the emergency operations plan, the Lake County Emergency Management Agency shall interrelate with business, labor, industry, agriculture, civic and volunteer organizations, and community leaders.
   (F)   The Lake County Emergency Management Agency shall:
      (1)   Determine the requirements of the county for food, clothing, and other necessities in the event of an emergency;
      (2)   Develop an emergency operations plan that meets the standards promulgated by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency;
      (3)   Review and revise the local emergency operations plan every other year;
      (4)   Establish a register of persons with types of training and skills in emergency prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery;
      (5)   Establish a register of government and private response resources available for use in a disaster;
      (6)   Prepare, for issuance by the Chair of the County Board, ordinances, resolutions, proclamations, and regulations as necessary or appropriate in coping with disasters;
      (7)   Cooperate with the federal, state, and county government and any public or private agency or entity in achieving any purpose of this chapter and in implementing programs for disaster prevention, preparation, response, and recovery;
      (8)   Initiate and coordinate planning for the establishment of an emergency operations center, and ensure the emergency operations center is maintained and ready for use immediately when needed;
      (9)   Develop, coordinate, and implement a plan to annually exercise the functions of the emergency operations center; and
      (10)   Do all other things necessary, incidental or appropriate for the implementation of this chapter.
(1977 Code, § 3:5-1) (Res./Ord. passed 4-10-2007; Ord. 17-1256, passed 11-14-2017)