(A) The tax imposed by this subchapter shall be remitted by such retailer to the Illinois Department of Revenue (the "Department"). Any tax required to be collected pursuant to or as authorized by this subchapter and any such tax collected by such retailer and required to be remitted to the Department shall constitute a debt owed by the retailer to the state. Retailers may reimburse themselves for their seller's tax liability hereunder by separately stating that tax as an additional charge, which charge may be stated in combination, in a single amount, with any state tax that sellers are required to collect.
   (B)   The taxes hereby imposed, and all civil penalties that may be assessed as an incident thereto, shall be collected and enforced by the Department. The Department shall have full power to administer and enforce the provisions of the Act.
(Ord. 19-1525, passed 10-8-2019)