§ 90.176  DEFAULT.
   If the permittee fails to perform the work with sufficient work force and equipment or with sufficient materials to insure the completion of said work within the specified time, or performs the work unsuitably as determined by the County Engineer, or neglects or refuses materials or performs any such work as shall be rejected as defective and unsuitable, or discontinues the execution of the work, or for any other cause whatsoever does not carry on the work in an approved manner, the County Engineer shall give notice to the permittee and the permittee's bank or surety, if any, of such delinquency. Said notice shall specify the corrective measures required. After said notice, the County Engineer shall draw on the performance guarantee to have the work completed in accordance with the terms of this chapter, the permit, and the performance guarantee. The County Engineer shall deliver any funds drawn upon to the Lake County Treasurer and request deposit in the appropriate fund. The LCDOT may then take over the work, including use of any or all materials or equipment on the ground as may be suitable and acceptable and may complete the work with any such other methods as, shall be required for the completion of the work in an acceptable manner.
(Ord. 19-1061, passed 7-9-2019)