(A)   Upon written notification by the permittee, the resident engineer or the person in charge that the construction has been completed, including the submission of all required reports, the LCDOT shall perform a final inspection. Prior to final approval and acceptance by the LCDOT, the permittee shall correct any deficiencies noted by the LCDOT and provide one set of electronic as-builts for the LCDOT records, if required by permit type.
   (B)   At such time as all work has been done to the complete satisfaction of the LCDOT and the maintenance guarantee provided, the performance guarantee shall be released.
   (C)   Unless otherwise approved by the LCDOT, final inspections for release of the performance or maintenance guarantee shall not be performed prior to May 1 nor later than November 1 in any year.
(Ord. 19-1061, passed 7-9-2019)