(A)   Permittee. Regardless of contracts, agreements, or inspections performed, the responsibility for the installed improvements required by this chapter shall rest solely with the permittee.
   (B)   Permittee's person in charge/resident engineer.
      (1)   The permittee shall provide a person in charge of construction and inspection of the permit work. For some access permits, the person in charge shall be a full-time resident engineer, licensed in the State of Illinois. Said person in charge shall have the appropriate training and experience to ensure the quality of construction of all aspects of the project. The person in charge shall be present at all times during critical phases of the construction and shall transmit weekly progress reports to the LCDOT Permit Department. He or she shall prepare all construction reports on said construction in accordance with the Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) guidelines for such reports as required by the Illinois Department of Transportation.
      (2)   The person in charge or their designated surveyor shall be responsible for establishing the proper lines and grades for all earthwork, paving, drainage facilities, and locations of all pavement markings. The person in charge shall be responsible for all other engineering work and inspection. At the completion of the improvements, as required by this chapter, the person in charge shall certify in writing to the LCDOT that all work and improvements have been completed in accordance with the requirements of this chapter, the Technical Reference Manual and the approved engineering plans and specifications. The person in charge shall provide a 24-hour contact number.
      (3)   The LCDOT may at any time require a written report on inspections made by the person in charge. Construction work shall be subject to inspection and testing at all times by the LCDOT.
(Ord. 19-1061, passed 7-9-2019)