(A)   Review and issuance of each type of access permit shall be governed by the individual processes outlined in the Technical Reference Manual.
   (B)   The general administrative process applicable to all permits includes:
      (1)   Permit review is initiated with an initial submittal package which shall include at a minimum a cover letter, application form and site plan location. A pre-application meeting shall be required for a major access permit or designated freeway permit. See the Technical Reference Manual for additional guidance on initial submittal requirements.
      (2)   The owner shall sign and submit the permit application and application fee. For all access permits, the owner shall be considered the permittee for all provisions of this chapter.
      (3)   Submittals received by the LCDOT will be reviewed within 15 working days or as deemed a reasonable time period given manpower, workload, and budgeting constraints. All submittals that require review by LCDOT departments outside of the Permitting Department may require more than 15 working days for the review to be completed by all parties.
      (4)   The Access Control Officer may require engineering studies, plans, and other information in order to review and evaluate the owner's application. All engineering documents shall be signed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer in the State of Illinois. Multiple reviews may be necessary prior to approval of the engineering plans. The LCDOT shall include guidance on engineering plan and study requirements in the Technical Reference Manual.
      (5)   Upon approval of the initial submittal and engineering documents, receipt of required fees, guarantees, and proof of insurance as required, a permit will be issued.
      (6)   Construction must begin within the time frame specified in the Technical Reference Manual, unless otherwise specified on the permit.
      (7)   When construction work is complete, per the approved plans, the LCDOT shall be notified in writing to perform a final inspection.
      (8)   When construction work, inspections and punch list items are completed, the access permit work will be accepted by the LCDOT.
      (9)   Upon acceptance of the access permit work, the permittee shall provide as-built plans, maintenance guarantee (if required), and pay outstanding invoices. The performance guarantee will then be released.
(Ord. 19-1061, passed 7-9-2019)